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Who will win the Jaguars / 49ers game?
The 49ers will win the Jaguars / 49ers game 39 to 3, according to the statistics I have run. Because of my high confidence in the outcome of this game, I recommend a bet on the 49ers to cover the spread (-10, -110) to maximize your expected profits.



What is a spread bet, and why should I use it in this case?
A spread bet is a bet on the margin of a game. For instance, imagine that in the Jaguars / 49ers game, you believe that the 49ers will win by 33 points. If the spread is set to 49ers -10 (i.e., the 49ers must win by 10 or more), it would make sense to place this bet since the actual line (-10) is much lower than your belief of a 30 point margin.



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Our models are responsive, not reactive, predicting deterministic stats for games before they even happen.


We distill games to their most potent factors, because anyone should be able to understand why and how game outcomes happen.

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Our models leverage over 10 years of data across the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB to supercharge and refine your betting strategy. We aggregate team and player-level statistics in order to be as confident as possible in our suggestions.

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Get access to our industry-leading models which have outperformed the market by over 5% over the last 10 years. The Finned product suite gives you an all-inclusive glimpse into the mathematical strategies to maximize profitability, from placing the right starting bet, to hedging your bets to reduce risk.

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The same models which power our prediction, margin, and totals models also rank positional play from players. See which players are expected to out-perform over the current season to build your dream fantasy team.

Full-Spread Data

Our models are built around pertinent performance data which impacts how teams and players perform on a game to game basis, meaning that every bet we suggest is grounded in statistics and math, no guesswork involved.


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